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Check out JTL'S New EP This Time Of Year  Buy each song individually or the full 4 song EP. Check it out here.

LOL Records is back and with a whole new look at music and a new direction that has been a lifetime in the making. We are more excited than ever! There have been many changes since we first launched our little label way back in the day! Of course our passion is still music, but this time we decided to do what we probably should have done in the first place (you live and learn . . .  what can we say?). We decided that it was time to direct our ideas and passion for music, art, poetry, etc., and to try to create and collaborate with as many artists, labels, musicians, poets (whoever has a desire and passion to create anything), and dedicate it all to the ultimate Creator of all . . . God! Yep! This was probably in the making way back in the late 90's and early 2000's when we decided to create LOL Records. What we didn't know at the time was LOL Records was not really going to be Laugh Out Loud Records, but in reality, it was to become . . .  Love Our Lord Records. 

So here we are! We’ve always wanted to try to give something back that God through His son Jesus Christ gave to us . . . and that's everything! So, since we can't really do the awesome things the Lord does for us, the least we can do is dedicate our music, poems, art, prayers, and love to Him. This desire leads us to the present day. It's about time that we did something for our Great Savior, Jesus Christ. We are so excited! Hope you will be too!


JTL has just released another song from their upcoming album. The song is called
Stay With Me Listen to it Here. Click music link on the side to listen to more music.

Divine Access
Listen to Craig Garrison, including other artists like Jennifer Broughton, and Vicki McMorrow that have recorded on LOL Records here

Listen to an interview with Craig Garrison and Tom Iapicco of Divine Access doing an interview with 1700 AMI Anna Maria Radio. Click here to visit their site and listen to original music from local Tampa Bay artists.

Check some exciting new events coming up for the band Divine Access including radio station plays, radio station interviews, new music, and more! Click here

Theo Lane

Listen to Theo Lane's New song titled You're All I Need.  Listen to it Here. Click music link on the side to listen to more music.

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