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This song Thank You God is a song of prayer (a prayer) to God thanking Him for saving my life last year when I was about to lose it due to liver failure. The odds of me living long enough to even get on the transplant donor list, let alone get an organ, were slim to none. Then at the very last hour, literally . . . the last hour, God came through and put me on the donor list. Within hours of being on the list, I received a liver offer and had lifesaving surgery the very next morning. Praise be to God! Praise be to the wonderful organ donors of the world. Praise be to my organ donor and their family. This was truly a miracle and shows that God saves and there is always hope.

No matter what your circumstance, no matter what your prognosis, no matter what family, friends, doctors, or surgeons tell you…..there IS ALWAYS HOPE. Look to God. Repeat His promises, have faith in His Word, Trust on His timing…and NEVER, EVER give up. Praise to you Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

The Song God is Great is also about God's life saving miracle that saved Tom Iapicco's life . Tom Iapicco is a member of JTL and founder of LOL Records. Read the full story of God's love and life saving miracle here.

LOL Records (Love Our Lord) has always wanted to try to give something back that God through His son Jesus Christ gave to us , and that's everything! So, since we can't really do the awesome things the Lord does for us, the least we can do is dedicate our music, poems, art, prayers, and love to Him.

This desire leads us to the present day. It's about time that we did something for our Great Savior, Jesus Christ.

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