Tom Iapicco - J4 (The Band)

Tom Iapicco - Bio and Music

Tom Iapicco was the drummer for the band J4. He was the main co-writer for most of their music. J4 was a Los Angeles based Band.

See below for their Spotify playlist link and album/Song information.

Spotify playlist for the Albums "A Dozen Dead Flowers" And "Feeling Normal"

About Tom Iapicco. Artist, Producer and owner of LOL Records.

Tom Iapicco is a producer, songwriter, recording artist, and owner of LOL Records. He currently releases music with his band JTL (Jesus, Tom, Lana), and you can find their music on any of your favorite digital download sites, and stores.

Other artists on the label include J4.

Tom Plays many instruments and also sings lead on all songs he records. He Loves the Lord Jesus and wishes to devote all his music to Him, and Praise His name forever. Check the stores link and all other links on this site to find and listen to his music. 

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